Access Control

Cloudcast Access Control Platform helps district establish end-to-end security capabilities

Historically, access control systems were concerned with securing access through a door or to a facility and managing access rights. From vendors to installers and end users, the conversation on security ended there. The security landscape has evolved and new threats, specifically cybersecurity threats, have emerged. Your access control system should not only secure your doors, but it should itself be protected from cyber-attacks. As such, its time for a system to integrate access control with video surveillance, doors, directory services and a whole host of other critical systems. It's time for the Cloudcast Access Control Platform...

Admin-centric security

We believe that any access control platform should be designed around the specific needs of security administrators. After all, if a system is too complex, it will lead to human error and confusion. Unfortunately, traditional access control vendors are primarily focused on developing door control hardware, while the user experience is of secondary importance. Modern access control solutions must commit to focusing on the operator’s perspective, empowering them through a unified and a dynamic approach to security and access rights management.

Access control is more than managing doors

For too long, security systems have served to strictly meet primary physical security needs like securing doors. Going beyond this conventional mindset, users should be able to do more with an access control solution. Examples include securing server racks, storage rooms, and display cases. Taking it one step further, an access control system can complement time and attendance systems as a means of ensuring human resources compliance, as well as monitoring traffic-dense areas to enhance efficiency. Finally, every access control solution should integrate with district security cameras. With the Cloudcast Access Control Platform, your district can achieve complete integration with all your critical assets.

Choose your preferred access control hardware

By supporting an ever-growing array of widely-deployed, non-proprietary, access control modules and electronic locks, the Cloudcast Secure Access Control Platform closely safeguards the long-term viability of your access control investments. School Districts are able to choose the hardware that best suits their evolving needs, including controllers from HID Global, Mercury Security, and Axis and electronic locks from SALTO , Allegion, ASSA ABLOY, and SimonsVoss. As the Cloudcast ecosystem continues to expand, you can rest assured that you will have access to the latest access control technology while still being able to integrate with your legacy equipment.

Neutralize threats at a moment’s notice

The Cloudcast Access Control system empowers your organization to respond to physical security and cyber-threats with confidence. With embedded threat management capabilities, you can quickly change the behavior of your security system at a moment's notice in response to potential physical threats. Protect your security system from cyber threats with end-to-end encrypted communications for software and hardware, secure claims-based authentication, and digital certificates. Also, be assured on the health of your system with system health monitoring.

Strengthen security with a complete picture

Empower district security operators with a forward-looking approach that unifies access control with video, communications management, intrusion, and more. The Cloudcast Access Control system provides efficient workflows and greater automation through its unified platform, ensuring that more time can be spent monitoring critical tasks rather than administrating software. And, for multi-site organizations, the Cloudcast Access Control system allows you to monitor remote independent sites as if they were part of a single virtual system, improving your overall operations.