Whether it’s whole-class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or STEM-based learning, Boxlight classroom technology enables teachers to easily and effectively enhance student outcomes and build essential skills. Every Boxlight product is designed to put students at the center of the educational environment, so they’re more engaged, more collaborative, and more motivated. Our whole-class solutions make teaching easier and learning more exciting. When classroom technology is at its best, it doesn’t get in the way. Speak with our technology experts so they can better understand your instructional needs and determine what solutions will best fit your curriculum, current technology setup, and budget. We will help you determine the right solutions and schedule an in-person demonstration. CONTACT US


Touch technology and collaboration brought to life, with the brilliance of our high-definition and ultra high-definition LED flat panel Android displays.

Touch technology and cooperative learning are brought to life with the immersive experience of our high-definition LED touch tables.

Collaborative touch boards that can also serve as a conventional dry erase board.

Turns any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard with your classroom computer and a projector — you get whole-class learning in under a minute!

Deliver engaging instruction and have multiple students work together on large, brilliantly projected lessons. Available in laser models so you will never have to change another bulb—ever.

Create images as large as 140 inches! Available in laser models so you will never have to change another bulb—ever.

Turn your classroom whiteboard notes into digital ink – even without a projector!