Data Loss Prevention API

Classify and Redact Sensitive Data

The DLP API lets you understand and manage sensitive data. It provides fast, scalable classification and optional redaction for sensitive data elements like credit card numbers, names, social security numbers, passport numbers, US and selected international driver’s license numbers, and phone numbers. The API classifies this data using more than 50 predefined detectors to identify patterns, formats, and checksums, and even understands contextual clues. The API supports text and images – just send data to the API or specify data stored on your Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Cloud Datastore instances.

Be Smart With Your Data

DLP API allows you to minimize what you collect, expose or copy. Classify or automatically redact sensitive data from text streams before you write to disk, generate logs or perform analysis. Alert users before they save sensitive data in your applications. Automatically choose the most suitable storage system and the right set of access controls based on the presence of sensitive content

Safely Unlock More of the Cloud

Today your data is your most critical asset. DLP API provides tools to classify, mask, tokenize, and transform sensitive elements in real-time to help you better manage the data that you collect, store, or use for business or analytics.

Efficiently Manage Your Sensitive Data

DLP API gives you the power to analyze, protect and report on data inside Google Cloud Platform as it travels inside and outside your organization. It can scan small text streams and images or larger datasets in Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Cloud Datastore, with no need for your data to egress out of GCP. The findings can then inform the configuration, management, and access policy of your sensitive data.

Automatically Discover PII Inside Data Streams, Storage, and Databases

DLP API lets you easily answer the critical question: "Where do I have sensitive data in my cloud storage?" It has built in support for scanning and classifying sensitive data in Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Cloud Datastore – such as credit card numbers, names, social security numbers, and phone numbers – based on more than 50 detectors. As an API, it can classify virtually any text or image stream including from custom or third party applications or storage systems.


Flexible Classification

50+ pre-defined detectors with a focus on quality, speed, scale. Detectors are improving and expanding all the time. A full list of detectors is available in the documentation.

Simple and Powerful Redaction

Redact, mask, tokenize, and transform text and images to help ensure data privacy.

Likelihood Scores

Customize the sensitive data detection threshold to fit your needs and reduce noise.

Classify and Manage Your GCP Data

Point the DLP API at your storage assets to automatically scan and classify sensitive data. Built-in support for Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Cloud Datastore.

Pay As You Go Pricing

DLP API is charged based on the amount of data processed, not based on a subscription service or device. This customer friendly pricing allows you to pay as you go and not in advance of demand.


The DLP API is an HTTP REST API that can be used on data inside or outside of GCP and from mobile devices, IoT devices and browsers.

Detailed Findings

Classification results can be sent directly into BigQuery for detailed analysis or export into other systems.

Native to the Cloud

Classify your sensitive data without egressing outside of Google Cloud Platform.