What can you do with Drive?

With Google Drive, you can upload and store all of your files online. You can then share these files with your team and access them from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Education users have access to unlimited storage. You can store any file in Drive: pictures, drawings, videos, and more. You only need to store a file in Drive on one device, and it will automatically be available on all your other devices. If you want to work on files from your desktop, install Drive File Stream. All your Drive files appear and can be streamed on demand, so they don’t take up all your storage space on your computer. You can also use the Drive app to store files on your Android or iOS device. (If you decide later to uninstall the app, your Drive files won’t be affected and can still be accessed from Drive on the web). Drive simplifies your work by making the latest version of your file available automatically across the web and all your devices. After you store your files in Drive, you can get to them on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Click 'NEW' to...

    • A: Upload any file (such as Outlook files, PDFs, and videos) or folder from your computer.
    • B: Create new documents right in your browser.

Work with files stored in Drive

Share your files and folders by clicking 'Share' and then choose what collaborators can do. They'll get an email notification, too.

Add shared files to My Drive

Access your files from any device