The first AI powered school management system

Unlike traditonal SIS and LMS applications that require significant teacher effort to identify and correct student performance issues, Gradecast leverages artificial intelligence to work on behalf of teachers to identify learning issues and deliver auto-curated digital curriculum that is personalized to eliminate obstacles to comprehension and mastery. Powered by Google Cloud Platform and built on G Suite for Education, Gradecast offers districts an AI powered student information system, learning management system, and common core aligned digital textbooks.

Gradecast features

Gradecast Gradebook

Gradecast Gradebook offers easy to use tools for teachers to create assignments, mark grades, and track performance.


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, LessonBot can understand lesson plans that teachers create and automatically tie the plans to the correct Pennsylvania anchor and state standard. Once a plan is created and standard mapped, Lessonbot looks deep into student performance on standardized tests to determine if any students will need remediation before the teacher actually delivers the lesson--and auto-curates prerequisite curriculum and instruction designed to prepare students for the lecture. The result is increased levels of learning comprehension and student performance during lectures.

Gradecast Attendance

Gradecast Attendance allows teachers to accurately account for each student while allowing administration and parents to view the records of class attendance.

Gradecast Student Analytics

Gradecast Student Analytics provides students and administrators with detailed student information including grades, standardized test scores, attendance, discipline, parent info, and schedules.

Gradecast Scheduler

Gradecast Scheduler includes scheduling tools for all levels of education--including administrative tools for setting up and scheduling the school year and allowing students to register online for classes.

Gradecast Discipline

Gradecast Discipline allows teachers to easily record offenses of students and automatically alert principals and parents

Gradecast Special Education

Gradecast Special Education features all state modifications and other optional features in support of federally mandated Chapter 14 and 16 requirements. The input features have been optimized for ease of use, tracking capabilities, and multiple-user situations.

Gradecast Health

Gradecast Health allows complete tracking of student health data, as updated by the nurse. All data is associated with the central database, but access is securely restricted for this confidential information. Included complete medical record app for students.

Gradecast Food Services

Gradecast Food Services tracks money placed in student accounts. It also supports multiple cafeterias and provides touch-screen supported point of sale software that tracks all student purchases.

Gradecast Parent Portal

Gradecast Parent Portal allows parents to have direct access to their children's performance, grades, attendance, and discipline incidents. Gradecast also supports event-based messaging--whereby parents receive automated text, email and phone message of homework assignments, low grade alerts, missed classes, and a whole host of other school events.

Gradecast Reports

Gradecast Reports gives teachers and administrators to the ability easily create custom reports--including report cards, interim reports, and transcripts.