PEPPM Ordering Instructions

Ordering Instructions

To assure PEPPM bid protection, all PEPPM orders must be faxed to PEPPM at 800-636-3779, emailed to or placed online through Epylon eCommerce. In the body of the purchase order, please include the following language: “As per PEPPM”.

Product Line: Ubiquiti (learn more about the Ubiquiti product line here)

Placing an Order via Fax or Email:

  1. Locate product and prices on or through a sales representative.
  2. Our posted PEPPM prices are for a quantity of 1. For possible volume purchase discounts please contact Brandon Wagner and please specify you are a PEPPM member.
  3. Orders should be addressed to:



321 Cobble Lane

Belle Vernon, PA 15012

  1. All quotes and purchase orders should state “As per PEPPM.”
  2. Fax the completed order to 800-636-3779 or email to
    1. Your order will be reviewed and edited by PEPPM Staff.
    2. You will be contacted to make any necessary corrections.
    3. Your order will be issued to the vendor within 24 hours during the business week after all (if any) corrections are made.
    4. Your order will be archived for audit support.

6. Standard shipping is included on all orders over $500.00.

Placing an order Online:

Before placing an online order, make sure that your Ship-to Address has been entered by the individual in your organization that manages your Epylon information. Click on My Profile_My Ship-to Addresses to view the addresses available on your account. If it is not listed, you must add it before creating the PO form. Ship-to Addresses are added under Accounts_Ship-to Addresses.

  1. Login to Epylon at
  2. Click on the Contracts tab.
    1. Choose between a “line item” or “contracts” search.
    2. Select Cloudcast LLC from the Vendor (Awardee) list.
    3. Click “Search.”
  3. Add selected line items to a List.
  4. To request a volume price break, add items to a Spot Price Check form along with your desired quantity and a Response Due Date. The vendor will be notified of your request via email. Once they respond, you’ll be notified and can view the response on Epylon. (After viewing a winning response, continue with the instructions that follow.)
  5. Add selected items to a Purchase Order form.
  6. Click “Submit” after entering a valid PO number and shipping address.
    1. The PEPPM contract will automatically be referenced in your PO.
    2. You will retain a copy of the sent purchase order in your Epylon account. A Printable Version is also available.
    3. The order will immediately be viewable by the vendor.
    4. Your order will be archived for audit support.

8. Standard shipping is included on all orders over $500.00.

For any assistance using Epylon, contact or call 888-211-7438.